When I first met Dr. Konrad, I had multiple autoimmune diseases actively raging throughout my body. Autoimmune disease was crippling my life. Thyroid disease, a rare autoimmune eye disease (MEWDS) which caused temporary blindness in one eye, and an idiopathic nerve disease which was ravaging my extremities, face, and brain were just some of the challenges I was facing. ER visits and countless appointments and tests with specialists were a regular part of my life. After just a few months with Dr. Konrad, she was able to uncover food allergies, vitamin deficiencies, causes for my digestive malabsorption, and more. These discoveries turned out to be many of the triggers and contributions to inflammation that fueled my autoimmune disease. None of my specialists or my PCP were trained or equipped to look in these directions. I am happy to say that by changing my diet to cut out allergens, adding the supplements and digestive enzymes to offset my extreme vitamin deficiencies, and having a doctor that took me seriously (as opposed to blaming all of my issues on stress, weight, or a psychosomatic disorder I don't have), my symptoms and well-being have improved dramatically. In six months, I have gone from hardly being able to walk to running four miles comfortably; feeling like the end is near to feeling tremendous hope and positivity for the future; and my body is finally in a position to lose weight. After years of failed weight-loss attempts, I am now 40 pounds lighter and feeling great! It is so refreshing to have a doctor interested in helping me achieve optimum health, instead of being lost without a clear diagnosis or diagnostic protocol. Dr. Konrad is one of the most compassionate, knowledgeable, open-minded medical professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. For the first time, I feel I have a partner in my quest for a better life and optimum health. I can't thank her enough for giving me a new lease on life.

Kathleen Berger, Marlborough, MA

I am so grateful for Dr. Konrad, who found the cause of my arthritis, allergies, indigestion, bloating, and sleeplessness that I have suffered with for decades. She thoroughly tested me medically, explained in detail how my body works and what nutrition it needs, and tweaked my diet. Now I eat healthier, take dietary supplements instead of drugs, dropped 25 lbs., and feel 10 years younger. Anyone who is serious about getting their health back should consider adding Dr. Konrad to their wellness team.

Lynn, Marlborough, MA

I had no idea how much your digestive system impacts your overall health. The guidance and information I have received has greatly enhanced my quality of life. I was mistaking the daily pain as just "getting older", it couldn't have been further from the truth. I was taking pain meds and acid indigestion pills daily, with Dr. Konrad's help we found the root of the issue instead of me continuing to take the pills to mask the symptoms. The supplements are high quality and I've recommended them to several of my friends. I've lost 2 dress sizes without trying, just by removing items that my body had difficulty digesting. My energy is elevated, and I feel great!

Kimberly C.

Having grown up in Europe (until my early twenties) I was rather healthy and slim most of my life. Though in my 30s, as my work got increasingly more stressful, I started having intestinal issues after eating various meals, including healthy ones like homemade chicken soup. I was struggling with excessive flatulence, bloating, and frequent and loose BMs. I have also gained a bit of weight. Though I wasn’t considered overweighed I did not feel comfortable in my own body. Additionally, I was struggling with frequent and long-lasting migraines, and excessive hair loss. All my traditional blood work looked great and seemingly there was nothing wrong with me. When I visited Dr. Konrad in the fall of 2015, I was in my late 30s, weighted 147lbs and was well…a tad miserable. I explained all my problems and she had me fill out a thorough questionnaire and ordered even more in-depth blood work. Upon my next visit – when the results were in – it turned out my thyroid anti-bodies that should vary in the 30-60 range were way over 4,500 and I had serious deficiency of vitamin D. She diagnosed me with Hashimoto's thyroiditis (which was confirmed by one of the leading endocrinologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical). She also ordered a blood work to check what food sensitivities I had. After the results were back I was shocked to see what kind and how many foods were my triggers (including chicken, which explained my instant reaction to chicken soup). Dr. Konrad diagnosed me with intestinal permeability a.k.a leaky gut and suggested a strict diet (eliminating all my trigger foods) as well as a large dose of various supplements and probiotics. The first few months of the diet were tough, eliminating all sugars, carbs, and diary, I lost over 20lbs in a matter of 3-4 months. I was very strict for over a year and ALL my symptoms went away. My blood work improved, vitamin D is OK and antibodies – though still high – are closer to the 200 range instead of 4,000. Even if I occasionally cheat I try to stick to my diet and take supplements and though I now I am probably a tad too skinny I love the way I feel. I am so happy I found Dr. Konrad, who cares about getting to the bottom of underlying causes of my disease than most mainstream doctors – who specialize in western medicine - would do. She continuously educates herself and her patients on the new developments in the functional/integrative medicine and works with me to make sure I truly do get better, not only my symptoms. I wholeheartedly recommend her, if you know something is off just don’t quite know what, you need to see Dr. Konrad!

Marta, Hudson, MA

Dr. Edyta Konrad has been my physician for over 10 years. During that time, I have come to appreciate her medical expertise, her focus on my individual needs, and her respect for my intelligence.

If you are looking for a doctor who will simply prescribe a pill and send you on your way, Dr. Konrad is not the right doctor for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for someone who will engage you in your medical care, with a focus on maintaining good health and preventative care, Dr. Konrad is definitely the right doctor for you. I regard her as my health care "partner" who encourages me to actively participate in my own "treatment" by educating me and respecting my input.

Because Dr. Konrad devotes time and attention to each of her patients, I always bring a good book when I have an appointment and prepare myself to wait beyond the scheduled time for my appointment. However, the care I've received and the resulting good health I've enjoyed for the last 10+ years are well worth the wait.

Susan H., age: 71

- Holistic in her approach - rather than trying to take the easy way out and prescribing drugs to treat a symptom, she gets down to the root cause of the problem by doing a very thorough analysis (blood analysis, x-rays, etc)

- After finding the root cause of the problem, Dr Konrad recommends using natural supplements rather than harsh prescription drugs to help correct the noted deficiencies (as found by the lab test results)

- Extremely knowledgable and passionate about her work

- Super thorough and very patient

- Always takes the time to listen to and answer all questions

- Explains the often complicated medical information in a way that can be understood

- Quickly diagnosed my frequent leg cramps as a lack of magnesium in my body. After taking magnesium supplements, my cramps have almost completely stopped

- Great, passionate and caring doctor who puts patients first

Ronald, age: 67

I have 5 known body dysfunctions, especially leaky gut, a hereditary problem un-diagnosed, gallbladder operation at age 19. Finally after all these years, with the understanding of my functional practicing physician, Dr. Edyta Konrad help was just around the corner. Total changes to the diet, plus adding 250 mg of HCL, including the needed bile a "digestion GB" dietary supplement. Life has improved greatly, eliminated 3 medications, feeling a new energy ready to face Life's Journey. Thank you, with gratitude and much admiration, to all Health Practitioners who have the *Courage* to bring forth the New Improved Way of Healing.

Thea M., age: 82

I started seeing Dr. Konrad less than a year ago. At the time my Crohn’s disease was worsening and I was constantly exhausted. Dr. Konrad requested some tests to be done at specialized labs. Once the results were back she took special care to review all nine pages of the report with me. She made sure I was able to fully understand which results were normal and which issues we needed to focus on. Dr. Konrad then recommended high-quality supplements and a gluten free diet. I have been following her recommendations, and as a result my Crohn’s disease is more manageable and I am no longer exhausted all the time. I was highly impressed with Dr. Konrad’s thoroughness and patience, and I look forward to working with her as a valued health care provider for the long-term.


I would highly recommend Dr. Konrad’s functional medicine approach to better health. She has made me more aware of the importance of my labs and what I needed to do to improve my overall health. Under her guidance and care I have gone from 278 pounds to 231 pounds over the last four years, slow and steady, and I have kept the weight off. I eat the right foods and find I have more energy, and I am able to do more at 70 than I could at 60.

Ken LaCroix, age: 70

Dr. Konrad has helped me tremendously the past few years. Her persistence in finding a cause for my medical issues has been well appreciated. I am also truly grateful that she is adamant about getting to the root cause of the problem and uses a natural approach rather than prescribing medications.

Kristin, age 46

Dr. Konrad helped me find out that I have a wheat intolerance, which allowed me to change my diet so I could reduce the inflammation in my body. She truly cares about the whole patient.

Teria, age: 37